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Middle-of-the-road Judaism

Dr. Ephraim Chamiel, a lecturer and scholar of Jewish thought in the modern era, talks about his book, The Middle Way: The Emergence of Modern Religious Trends in Nineteenth-Century Judaism. Which Jewish philosophers sought to harmonize modernity and tradition?

Don't mention the 'A' word

Dr. Sonja Narunsky-Laden, a research fellow in the Department of Communication at the University of Johannesburg, discusses to what extent the legacy of Apartheid is evoked in the contemporary Israel-Palestine debate in South Africa.



Berry Saharof & Re'a Mochiach - Ma Lach Yechida
Uzi Navon VeMakarim feat. Efrat Gosh - Im Ze Moocrach Liheyot Hasof
The Specials - Free Nelson Mandela

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