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Under women's wings: The architecture of the ezrat nashim

Adva Naama Baram, an architect and photographer specializing in architectural photography, talks about her new exhibition, currently showing at the Architects' House Gallery in Jaffa, dedicated to ezrat nashim – the women's section in synagogues across the country.



How Shlomo Sand stopped being a Jew

Prof. Shlomo Sand, who just retired from a teaching position at the Department of History at Tel Aviv University, is probably best known for his bestselling The Invention of the Jewish People, whose final chapter, 'How I stopped Being A Jew,' just appeared in English.



Arctic Monkeys - Do I Want To Know

Hahazer Ha'achoirt - Lishrok Ba'hoshech

Yehudit Ravitz - Boei Me'ahava

Paul McCartney - New


Noa & Mira Awad - There Must Be Another Way

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