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Dr. Amira Halperin, a communications scholar who has recently completed her PhD thesis at the University of Westminster, UK, is the first ever Israeli researcher to study the UK Palestinian diaspora. She discusses this community's use of new media with host Gilad Halpern.


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Jeffrey Herf, a distinguished professor of history at the University of Maryland, talks to host Gilad Halpern about the attitude of East Germany and the West German radical left towards Israel between 1967-1989, against the backdrop of the memory of the Holocaust as well as the Cold War.

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Prof. Yosef Salmon, a Jewish history professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, is the author of Do Not Provoke Providence: Orthodoxy In The Grip Of Nationalism, which was recently published in English by Academic Studies Press. He explores the history of the relationship between Zionism and Judaism with host Gilad Halpern.

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Dr. Edna Barromi Perlman, a photography scholar and professor at the University of Haifa, speaks to host Gilad Halpern about the landscape photography in Palestine/Eretz Israel/the Holy Land, and how it became, just like anything else in the history of this place, an effective political and ideological tool.

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Nachum Shiloh, who's about to complete his PhD at Tel Aviv University's Department of History, talks to host Gilad Halpern about his research that focuses on the history of Saudi elites in the first half of the 20th century.

In our minds, Saudi Arabia, to this day, has been an ultraconservative, almost medieval society, with a clear hierarchy and a coercive leadership. But it turns out that is not exactly the case.

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Prof. Roberta Ronsethal Kwall, a legal scholar and the founding director of the DePaul University College of Law, has just authored a new book entitled The Myth of the Cultural Jew – Culture and Law in Jewish Tradition.

She explains to host Gilad Halpern why even the most secular Jews have imbibed the halakha, whether they like it or not.


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Dr. Susan Nashman Fraiman, an art historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, tells host Gilad Halpern about her recent research, which focuses on the emergence and evolution of candle-lighting practices – namely, the Shabbat Lamp – among the Jews of Ashkenaz.

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Prof. Meir Amor, an Israeli sociologist teaching at Concordia University in Canada, has been a Mizrahi activist for decades, as well as a long-time researcher of the Mizrahi question.

Prof. Amor talks to host Gilad Halpern about the principles of the Mizrahi struggle, theoretical as well as practical.

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Dr. Michal Aharony, political philosophy and Holocaust studies professor at Beit Berl Academic College, recently authored Hannah Arendt and the Limits of Total Domination: The Holocaust, Plurality and Resistance.

Dr. Aharony talks to host Gilad Halpern about her work, which evaluates the Jewish-German philosopher's theories on totalitarianism through testimonies of Holocaust victims and survivors.

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Dr. Avi Bareli, a historian of Zionism at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, recently authored Authority and Participation in a New Democracy: Political Struggles in Mapai, Israel's Ruling Party, 1948-1953.

Dr. Bareli talks to host Gilad Halpern about opposition to Ben-Gurion's leadership from within the party, and how Israel's first prime minister was much less of a power-hungry, dictatorial leader than often thought.

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