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You're in the army now: How Judaism fell back in love with the military

Prof. Stuart Cohen, a political scientist specializing in diplomatic and military history, explains how World War One - of all historical events - radically changed the attitude of Jews towards warfare.

Holocaust research: From academia to the public realm

Prof. Deborah Dwork, a historian of the Holocaust and Director of the Strassler Family Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University in the United States, discusses the production of knowledge about the Holocaust in an academic environment.


Muse - Invincible
David Bowie - China Girl
Yehuda Poliker - HaTachana Haba'a Treblinka
Hachalonot Hagvohim - Chayal Shel Shokolad

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Why the Diaspora is good for the Jews

Prof. Alan Wolfe, a political scientist at Boston College, explores why so few Jews in the West acknowledge their good fortune, and how their relationship to their home countries and to Israel evolves as the memory of the Holocaust wanes.

Narratives of betrayal in Holocaust survivors' memoirs

Prof. Dennis Klein, a historian at Kean University in New Jersey, discusses the main themes that feature in memoirs written by Holocaust survivors - chief among them, a narrative of betrayal.



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Marina Maximilain Blumin - Maurin
Matisyahu - Jerusalem

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Political science: Early Israeli-German scientific exchanges

Prof. Ute Deichmann, a historian of science at Ben Gurion University, tells us to what extent exchanges between Israeli and German scientists in the early years of the state paved the way for the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries.


Why secular people are more religious than they think

Prof. Benjamin Beit Hallahmi of the department of psychology at Haifa University tries to establish why, 250 years into the age of secularism, religion still plays a crucial role in the lives of people everywhere.



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Bob Marley - One Love
Shuly Rand - Mochin De'Katnoot

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