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Requiem for a bygone Jewish-Arab coexistence

Prof. Menachem Klein, a Middle East history professor at Bar-Ilan University, discusses his recent book Lives in Common: Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Hebron. Jewish-Arab common identity in Palestine was later subsumed by mutually opposing national identities.


The Holocaust: The litmus test of the Israeli media

Dr. Oren Meyers of the Department of Communications at the University of Haifa, co-author of Communicating Awe: Media Memory and Holocaust Commemoration, analyzes the disproportionate role Holocaust-related imagery plays in the Israeli media debate.



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Palestinian students and the struggle for nationhood

Dr. Ido Zelkovitz, a Middle East scholar at the University of Haifa, talks about his new book Students and Resistance in Palestine: Books, Guns and Politics, which explores the Palestinian student movement from a historical as well as sociological perspective.

Ecologically underprivileged: Environmental justice in Israel

Dr. Neta Lipman, deputy director of the Israeli Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, talks us about environmental justice: Is the green cause inextricably linked to social justice? And if so, how does it play out in America and Israel?



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In 1948, Palestine saw Jewish refugees too

Dr. Nurit Cohen Levinovsky, a historian and author of Jewish Refugees During the War of Independence, tells the story of the tens of thousands of Israeli Jews who became refugees during the War of Independence.


How the Bible became holy

Michael Satlow, a religious and Judaic studies professor at Brown University (US) and author of How the Bible Became Holy, sheds some light on the selection and canonization processes over the centuries that brought the Bible to the special status it holds today.



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