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Zion and the Diaspora in 20th century Jewish thought

Prof. Yossi Turner, who teaches modern Jewish philosophy at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, explores the evolution of Zionism, and the integration and growing political power of Jewish communities around the world.

The Jew who defeated Hitler

Peter Moreira discusses his book, The Jew who Defeated Hitler: Henry Morgenthau Jr., FDR, And How We Won The War. Its protagonist was instrumental in financing what was then the most expensive human endeavor to date: WWII.



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Tom Waits - Day After Tomorrow

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Protecting Jews in interwar Europe

Prof. Carole Fink, a historian at Ohio State University in the US, tells us about how Europe's Jews fit into the numerous minority protection schemes that emerged on the continent in the interwar period, and about the road to their catastrophic breakdown.

The individual and the social in psychoanalysis

Prof. Uri Hadar of the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel Aviv University talks about his book Psychoanalysis and Social Involvement: Interpretation and Action, which seeks to address an ongoing tension between psychoanalysis and fellow social sciences.



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Mika Karni and Idan Refael Haviv - Shtei Dakot Me Ha-Chayim

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The birth of the cosmopolitan Jew

Prof. Sander Gilman, who teaches history at Emory University in the US, is an extremely prolific academic with a vast spectrum of fields of expertise. He discusses his latest study, cleverly entitled "Aliens vs Predators: Cosmopolitan Jews vs Jewish Nomads."

The unwitting standard-bearers of Judaism

Prof. Renee Levine Melammed, a senior faculty member at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, shares with us her insights from her momentous study about the history of crypto-Jewish women in Spain under the Inquisition.



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Tues. 9-11PM (Israel); 3-5PM (EST); 12-2PM (PT)

Join TLV1 anchors Ilene Prusher and Gilad Halpern for LIVE coverage of Israel's election madness as the exit polls come out and the votes begin to be counted.

We'll have TLV1 & Haaretz correspondents at the major campaign headquarters and special reports on the issues facing Israeli voters.

Weds. 7AM (Israel); 1AM (EST); 10PM (PT)

Listen to our special LIVE election panel of Noah Efron, Debra Kamin, and Gil Troy putting together the pieces of the jigsaw as the Israeli election results come in - that's when the political game really begins in the race to form a coalition.


Tune in LIVE at

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More than moneylending: The economic history of the Jews

Economist Zvi Eckstein of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya offers an original and compelling explanation of the demographic meanders of the Jewish people in the common era.


Israeli conscientious objectors: Torn between values and struggle for survival

Dr. Erica Weiss, Tel Aviv University anthropologist  and author of Conscientious Objectors in Israel: Citizenship, Sacrifice, Trials of Fealty, tackles the concept of conscientious objection in Israel – a democratic society that honors the freedom of conscience while fighting for its survival.



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The story of Jerusalem's legendary headmistress

Prof. Laura Schor, a historian at Hunter College and author of The Best School in Jerusalem: Annie Landau's School for Girls, discusses the character of Annie Landau, a high-profile public figure in Jerusalem during one of its most tumultuous periods.

The Old Testament in early American political thought

Dr. Eran Shalev of the University of Haifa, author of American Zion: The Old Testament as Political Text from the Revolution to the Civil War, traces the theological and ideological origins of the special relationship between Israel and America.



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Carly Simon - Let The River Run

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Israel's Bedouin and the line between tradition and modernity

Dr. Sarab Abu Rabia-Queder, a researcher at Ben-Gurion University, specializes in the impact of higher education on Bedouin women. Herself of Bedouin origin, she talks about the nomadic people of Israel who straddle the line between tradition and modernity.

Who owns the media in Israel?

Prof. Amit Schejter, head of the Department of Communication Studies at Ben-Gurion University, recently completed a study, soon to be published, about electronic media concentration in Israel between 1984-2013.



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What did the Crusaders ever learn from us?

Dr. Jonathan Rubin, a historian of the Medieval Levant at Tel Aviv University, talks about how the crusaders' encounters with local societies - beyond the initial indignation - led to theological, economic, and scientific developments.

Ramle remade: The Israelization of an Arab town

Dr. Danna Piroyansky, author of the recently published 'Ramle Remade: The Israelisation of an Arab Town 1948-1967,' talks about the very Israeli concept of 'mixed cities' - the result of government-sanctioned mixing of Jewish and Arab populations.



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Middle-of-the-road Judaism

Dr. Ephraim Chamiel, a lecturer and scholar of Jewish thought in the modern era, talks about his book, The Middle Way: The Emergence of Modern Religious Trends in Nineteenth-Century Judaism. Which Jewish philosophers sought to harmonize modernity and tradition?

Don't mention the 'A' word

Dr. Sonja Narunsky-Laden, a research fellow in the Department of Communication at the University of Johannesburg, discusses to what extent the legacy of Apartheid is evoked in the contemporary Israel-Palestine debate in South Africa.



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The Specials - Free Nelson Mandela

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Portrait of the father of a nation

Prof. Anita Shapira, one of Israel's most eminent historians of Zionism, discusses her newly published biography of David Ben-Gurion, Israel's founding prime minister, with host Gilad Halpern.

Hebrew literature and the origins of Israeli malaise

Yigal Schwarz, professor of Hebrew literature at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, discusses his latest book, The Zionist Paradox: Hebrew Literature and Israeli Identity, which analyzes Israel's unique conceptualization of place through five canonical literary works.

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